Celebrating Black History Month with Purpose at Jericho Road

We extend a heartfelt invitation to join us in celebrating Black History Month at Jericho Road Episcopal Initiative! Our organization remains resolute in addressing the enduring social inequities that have impacted African American communities throughout history.

Our dedicated efforts focus on fostering positive change through initiatives such as affordable housing, workforce development, and financial wellness, tailored specifically to support low-income and working individuals within the Black communities we serve. With unwavering courage and hope, we are determined to bridge the racial wealth gap—a consequence of institutional racism affecting not only Southeast Louisiana residents but also the broader landscape of the United States.
This Black History Month, we take a moment to pay tribute to the extraordinary men and women who have championed civil rights, fair housing, educational opportunities, and the creation of thriving communities. Our combined impact stands as a testament to the resilience and strength of the Black community, and we encourage you to join us in celebrating throughout Black History Month.
Let us persist in working together to shape a future where justice and equality prevail for ALL.
With gratitude,
Team Jericho Road