Central Circle

In our work, chief among our efforts is to establish community advocacy groups that might serve as a voice piece for the issues relevant to those who live, work, worship, and learn in our neighborhood. Central City is dedicated to doing just that and aims to promote holistic development and a vision of revitalization for the community.

Central Circle is a group of stakeholders that come together and discuss issues that are relevant to the community. The group is also tasked with identifying problems and finding workable solutions to those problems. Central Circle strives to maximize available resources in order to provide greater service to residents and encourage positive change.

Central Circle seeks to provide a free space to exchange information and is open to all who have a passion for neighborhood-level issues. This includes residents of Central City, developers, city government, non-profit organizations, and neighborhood groups, schools, churches, and businesses. The goal is to fill the deficit in the dialogue between stakeholders and encourage the development of action at a grassroots level. Neighborhood activism starts at a grassroots level and Central Circle is the place to begin those efforts.

Beyond the exchange of ideas, Central Circle focuses on a direct action that can redevelop and envision a healthy, living, workable neighborhood prepared for the demands of the next generation. The combined work of individuals and small and large organizations alike helps generate calls to action. Our hope is such meetings also serve as a vehicle for action and help mobilize resources.

Central Circle meets monthly. For those interested or need more information, feel free to email Jericho Engagement.