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There are many ways you can engage and contribute to the New Orleans community through the Jericho Road Episcopal Housing Initiative.  We welcome and value the contributions of the entire community to implement its work. We know that the work of community revitalization cannot be done absent from the involvement of its members who live, work, and invest their lives in New Orleans. The success of the community depends on the active participation of residents and stakeholders.  Join us in our efforts to ensure that the Greater New Orleans Metropolitan area is a vibrant, equitable, healthy and thriving place to live. 


Here are ways you can get involved:


  • Conduct Perception Survey
  • Conduct Property Survey
  • Participate in community engagement campaigns
  • Newsletters contributions 
  • Host a Neighbor Circle
  • Volunteer at events and/or during service experiences
  • Attend Jericho Road educational workshops
  • Attend neighborhood association-sponsored events
  • Participate in quarterly “Bling Your Block” beautification projects


To learn more about opportunities to get involved at Jericho Road, please contact 504.895.6763 or email:

We cannot do this without YOU!

We aren’t just building homes, we are building a community!