Give The Gift of Jericho Road!

Dear Friends, 

It’s that time of year when Jericho Road Episcopal Housing Initiative celebrates the opportunity we have been given to serve the children and families of New Orleans. We are asking that you share the mission and make a gift in support of affordable housing for the low-income working families of New Orleans.

This year, with the help of supporters like you, Jericho Road leveraged $1.5 million dollars to invest into the lives of low-income working families and their children. Your contributions made this investment possible!

In 2017, Jericho Road merged with Project Homecoming, Inc., another local community development nonprofit to further advance our capacity and expand our reach across New Orleans. Because of this, we have been able to provide affordable housing and educational opportunities to many more families.

This year, we also created a one-of-a-kind workforce development program for the underemployed people of New Orleans. Participants receive real wages, work on real affordable housing projects, and gain real contracting skills to build stable careers. One of the program participates, Issac, stated:

“Being in the program is allowing me to work in a stable environment, gain new skills, and work with new people.”

The work has already come to life with the development of five new affordable single-family homes in Gentilly — a historically affordable, tight-knit community for working families. The program produced much needed repairs to twelve homes for low-income, disabled and elderly residents in Central City. Our participants are looking forward to learning and doing even more through the program’s next steps. Will you join with us to create even more opportunities in 2019?

Jericho Road believes that building healthy and thriving communities means investing in the lives of residents at ALL levels. Through affordable housing, educational opportunities, community revitalization, and workforce training, we are looking forward to more equitable and prosperous lives for ALL of New Orleans.

Please join in this vital work by contributing TODAY! 


Warmest wishes from us to you!

The Jericho Road Team