Homeownership Resources



Having a strong credit score is key to becoming a homeowner. If you have questions about what a credit score is or what affects it here is a video by Bank of America on Credit 101.

You are entitled to one free credit report a year from Annual Credit Report. We encourage you to use this website over other websites as is it set up by the three major credit report agencies. Others may only draw from one or two. Annual Credit Report will give you the most accurate idea of what your credit score is.


For many of our homebuyers it is important to have some savings before beginning the homebuying process. There are Individual Development Accounts (IDA) that will match the savings of the participants to assist with expenses related to purchasing a home. United Way of South East Louisiana has a local IDA program that will match four dollars to every one dollar that is saved with them up to $7500. These programs can help homebuyers prepare for upfront costs associated with purchasing a home like closing costs, flood and homeowner’s insurance, and a down payment.

Homebuyer trainings

In order to purchase a home with Jericho Road each homebuyer must go through a certified First Time Homebuyer’s Course. These 12-hour courses are designed to familiarize first time homebuyers with the process of purchasing a home. At the end of the course a homebuyer can make an educated decision about whether being a home owner is right for them. If so, each participant is now equipped with knowledge that allows them to advocate for themselves throughout the homebuying process. The Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance has compiled a list of approved classes in New Orleans. Once the course is completed the certificate is valid for three years.




Jericho Road’s Owner Occupied Rehab (OOR) program is designed to help homeowners maintain their houses or modify them for better accessibility allowing homeowners to stay in their homes longer and keep the community strong!
If you are in need small home repairs such as installing a ramp or fixing a rotting porch please contact housingoutreach@jerichohousing.org to find out if you qualify and to receive an application to participate in the program.

Energy Assistance

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) assists eligible low-income individuals and families pay their heating and cooling bills, weatherization, and energy related repairs. This is a service available to both homeowners and renters. Visit Entergy’s website or contact 1-888-454-2001.

For more information contact info@jerichohousing.org