Post-Purchase Program

Jericho Road’s role does not end once a house is completed and sold. Housing stability for families means not only purchasing a home but staying in that home. We recognize that purchasing a new home includes a shift in responsibility and often presents new challenges. Our goal is to share information that helps and supports homeowners in caring for their home and attaining financial stability.


Our goal is to setup every potential homebuyer and eventual homeowner for success, giving families the skills necessary to thrive in homeownership.


Jericho Road provides Post-Purchase Homeowner Workshops for all homeowners and community residents interested in learning more about homeownership. The Post-Purchase Homeowner Workshops provide presentations from guest experts on foreclosure prevention, preventative maintenance, and other information that is relevant for a successful tenure as a homeowner.


Post-Purchase Homeownership Workshops are held every other month. 


For additional information, contact our Housing Sustainability Coordinator via e-mail: or by phone: (504) 293-2888.