Housing Development

Homeownership is a primary means of opportunity for families seeking financial stability and/or safe and healthy living conditions. Jericho Road is committed to providing homeownership opportunities to New Orleans residents who may not believe homeownership is a real option for them. Homeownership is a platform on which struggling families can begin to develop a path of upward mobility on the economic ladder.

We offer high quality, affordably priced homes to low-to-moderate income working families. New Orleans is known to be a city of renters. For the majority of these renters, the share of income dedicated to housing costs exceeds 30% of their income and may place an undue burden on their families. This leaves less disposable income to meet other important personal needs like healthcare, educational, dietary, or family-planning needs.


The core tenets of Jericho Road’s homebuilding include:

  • Construct homes that are reflective of the historical architectural trends characteristic to New Orleans;
  • Use sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials and energy-efficient appliances and fixtures for construction to pass along greater savings to the homeowner; and
  • Incorporate elements of Universal Design that provide an opportunity for people with a range of physical abilities to live comfortably and to age-in-place in their home.


We believe that a primary part of equitable community development is partnering and building relationships with local and minority-owned construction companies and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises.