Vacant Land Stewardship

In New Orleans post-Katrina, the urban landscape is dotted with vacant lots and blighted properties. City-wide efforts have made great progress in recognizing and addressing this pervasive issue. Providing answers to blight can have a positive impact on neighborhood outlook and can provide a solution to many important problems plaguing our neighborhoods.


Because Jericho Road strives to offer affordable and sustainable housing options to low-to-moderate income working families, we also recognize the role in developing sustainable communities. This begins with access to housing but continues with providing a safe and healthy environment to support families beyond homeownership. Blighted properties are a threat to a healthy environment and serve to undermine progress by creating havens for crime, health hazards, illegal dumping, and devaluing property. In order to push our target neighborhoods forward, we must address the staggering personal costs of blighted and vacant lots and their greater impact on the community. We work to address these issues by developing affordable housing, coordinating revitalization projects, and partnering with local and national volunteer groups who assist in VLM plans.


What We Know

In New Orleans, 20% of all properties are blighted and in a state of disrepair. In Central City, this number is as high as 25%. The proliferation of blight creates additional social and economic pressures and limits a family’s ability to thrive.


Research suggests that tackling blight in communities benefits residents by decreasing crime, removing potential health hazards, and increasing neighborhood satisfaction and property values.

Who Is Involved

The alliance we maintain with partner organizations, as well as community members and volunteers, helps mobilize resources, establish community connections, and widen our impact. Our vacant land management goals are enhanced through collaborations with the following organizations:

Tulane City Center

Master Gardeners of New Orleans

Central City Growers Coop

Recirculating Farms Coalition

Pistol & Stamen Flower and Farm Studio

LSU Ag Center

See the gallery below of one of our Vacant Land Management projects from beginning to finish.