Pre-Purchase Program

Jericho Road has made a concerted effort to not only encourage homeownership but to provide a facilitating role in the pre-purchase phase of home buying. This assistance includes a training and networking program through the Central City Homebuyer’s Club. This pre-purchase program is part of Jericho Road’s commitment to building skills that buyers will need to succeed in owning a home and include information on how potential homebuyers can:

  • Manage credit options and determine funding availability
  • Mitigate budget obstacles
  • Select, the most appropriate home
  • Find a suitable loan arrangement
  • Seek insurance plans that secure their investment

The Professional guest experts provide critical information on the pre-purchase housing process and peer-to-peer support happens organically are invaluable.

Meetings are held monthly.

For additional information, contact our Housing Sustainability Coordinator by email or phone (504) 293-2888.