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Message from Executive Director

In his speech “Beyond Vietnam” Martin Luther King, Jr. remarked that “true compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar; it comes to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring.” This was a message, a call for economic justice. Similarly, it is our belief at Jericho Road that true justice cannot be achieved without recognizing the structural confines that limit opportunity and fail to promote equity. Access to affordable and sustainable housing opportunities builds wealth and has lasting transformative impacts on the low-income community we serve. Jericho Road has committed to promoting a positive impact by working to break the cycle of poverty in expanding access to housing. This is intentional and deliberate work that requires collaboration. Our success would not be so without the tireless efforts of community members, volunteers, business partners, and our full-time staff. I invite you to meet our staff and see those working each day towards Dr. King’s vision.





Nicole M. Barnes

Executive Director


Nicole Barnes

Executive Director

Nicole Barnes has served as the Executive Director of Jericho Road Episcopal Housing Initiative since March 2012. As Executive Director she leads operations and the organization’s program areas: affordable housing development, community engagement and vacant land management.

Ms. Barnes has over twenty-two years of experience as a leader in development, specifically, working to address the needs of public and affordable urban housing. Before joining Jericho Road, Ms. Barnes served as Local Area Director of the Builders of Hope (BOH) New Orleans office where she oversaw organizational operations. Prior to her term at BOH, she served at the Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO) for seventeen years. During her tenure HANO, she held various leadership positions, including: Vice President of Homeownership Programs, Executive Director of the HANO Resident Loan Corporation, Director for Resident Economic Development Initiatives and HOPE VI Community Supportive Services Program (CSS) Director.

Ms. Barnes serves as Vice Chair for the Board of Governors for the Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance (GNOHA). She completed her undergraduate studies in Political Science at Xavier University of Louisiana, and holds a Master’s of Public Administration from Southern University of Baton Rouge. Ms. Barnes’ passion for this work comes from her deep love and commitment to the disadvantaged and underrepresented community in New Orleans.

Holly Heine

Director of Operations and Communications

Holly Heine is Jericho Road’s Director of Operations and Communications. In this role she oversees and manages Jericho Road’s fund development strategy, operations, communications, and marketing efforts.

Ms. Heine has over twenty years of experience in nonprofit/business management, marketing, fundraising, and disaster relief. Prior to joining Jericho Road’s team in 2007, she developed and managed volunteer programs for the Office of Disaster Response for the Episcopal Dioceses of Louisiana in response to the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina. Ms. Heine was a volunteer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, managing the first Red Cross team to open a mass care shelter during Hurricane Katrina. Previously, she was a small business owner for several years.

Ms. Heine is a graduate of Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. Her passion for this work comes from her deep desire to ensure that all families have access to opportunities that allow them to thrive.

Kim Washington

Director of Asset Management

Kim Washington is a native of Uptown New Orleans. Ms. Washington serves as Jericho Road’s Director of Asset Management. In this role she manages Jericho Road’s property portfolio, construction projects, and Owner Occupied Rehabilitation Program.

Ms. Washington has over eighteen years of experience in housing and community development, urban planning. Prior to joining Jericho Road, Ms. Washington served as the Asset Management Director for Associated Neighborhood Development (AND) during which time she assisted the organization in bundling adjudicated and blighted properties in cooperation with the New Orleans Re-development Authority and the City of New Orleans. She also served as a Non-Profit Senior Loan Reviewer/ Underwriter Specialist with the ICF International where she worked to oversee the redevelopment of affordable rental housing post-Katrina, which included assisting with the management of a 40 million grant pool created to assist non-profit small property owners/developers. In 2006, she served as the Acting Executive Director of the Xavier Triangle during which she oversaw the Post-Katrina renovation of the Zion city co-op, the first co-operative housing endeavor in New Orleans and drafted the HUD proposal which granted the University 2 million in renovation funds.

Ms. Washington holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Marketing from the University of Houston and a Master’s of Business Administration from Howard University in Washington D.C.

Ms. Washington’s passion for this work comes from her dedication to see the revitalization of disinvested communities.

Michael Robinson

Lead Organizer

Michael Robinson is Jericho Road’s Lead Community Organizer. At Jericho Road he leads community engagement and community building efforts. In this role, he serves as a resource and advisor to neighborhood associations and individual residents on issues that impact their quality of life.

Mr. Robinson has over twenty years of experience in community organizing, community engagement, and youth development. Before to joining Jericho Road’s team, he served as Community Development Director for Urban Impact Ministries, a Christian ministry in New Orleans that’s dedicated to transforming the Central City community. Mr. Robinson holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science from Xavier University of Louisiana.

Peter Davis

Development and Communications Coordinator

Peter Davis is Jericho Road’s Program Development and Communications Coordinator. Mr. Davis supports the development and management of Jericho Road’s fundraising, marketing, strategic communications strategy and advocacy efforts. He also oversees the organization’s service and internship programs.

Mr. Davis bring numerous years of experience in nonprofit and education management, specifically, in the areas of program planning and fund development, communications, policy advocacy, strategic strategy and recruitment. Prior to joining Jericho Road, he served as a consultant and facilitator to nonprofits. Throughout most of his career, he has served in instructional and leadership roles in New Orleans’ schools. He was also Director for several 21st Century Learning Program sites, as well as served as a Policy and Research Analyst at Orleans Public Education Network (OPEN), where he supported education policy advocacy and community engagement efforts, managed community-wide events, and coordinated the collection of data on over 5,100 students.

Mr. Davis serves on several local committees and boards. He completed undergraduate degrees at Tulane University and graduate studies in Organizational Leadership at Northeastern University in Boston. It is Mr. Davis’ passion for organizational effectiveness, resource development and social justice that has led him to serve as an AmeriCorps VISTA at Jericho Road.

Mathew Woessner

Multi Program Coordinator

Mathew Woessner serves as Jericho Road’s Multi-Program Coordinator. In this role he serves as a grant writer and researcher for ongoing projects.

Mr. Woessner comes from a research background focusing on the psychological, biological, and social tenets of deviance. Prior to joining Jericho Road, he spent several years serving as a co-investigator and research assistant for the National Institute of Justice. His work has been published in the Journal of Research on Adolescence and the Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency. He also has served as an undergraduate instructor for Research Methods and Critical Issues on Policing.

Mr. Woessner is a candidate for the Ph.D. in Criminology from Florida State University. He completed his Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Loyola University New Orleans and a certification in Emergency Management Systems from Florida State University. He completed his undergraduate degree from University of West Florida. He is proud to be serving at Jericho Road as an AmeriCorps VISTA.


The Very Rev. David duPlantier, Chair
13th Dean and 27th Rector, Christ Church Cathedral

Ashely Aubrey-Harrison
Assistant Vice President, Whitney Bank
Community Affairs Representative, Whitney Bank

Jonathan Stewart, Secretary
State Farm Insurance Agent
Jericho Road homeowner and Community Resident

Rick Mithun
Owner and Operator, Master Builders and Contractors
Owner and Operator, Midwest Properties

Charmaine Davis, Treasurer
Special Project Accountant, Advocates for Arts Based Education

Ivens Robinson
Former President, Robinson Lumber Company

Lucas Diaz
Fellow at City, Culture & Community, Tulane University

Kathryn Washington
Assistant General Counsel, Entergy Corporation