Community Engagement

Jericho Road upholds a commitment to not only developing access to affordable housing but building communities across to encourage healthy, local-level growth. Jericho Road has worked to support collaborations and establish lines of communication between neighborhood stakeholders, residents, private businesses, and civic leaders. Also, we have intentionally worked to develop learning opportunities for the communities throughout the New Orleans. The sharing of information and education leads to lasting transformative change in the lives of residents. Empowering residents cultivates ownership, giving people a vested interest in the things that happen in their community. Jericho Road community engagement work include:

Community Engagement Central City

Neighborhood Associations

Jericho Road has assisted in the formation of resident-led groups advocating for their own interests. Neighborhood associations serve as powerful forces in shaping local policy and have the ability to address civic issues that directly impact lives. Jericho Road serves as a member and a facilitator, providing support and resources to encourage action.

Property Campaign

It is paramount to the revitalization of any neighborhood to return blighted property back into commerce. Jericho Road and neighborhood residents take action to reduce blight in the community. These actions include composing a housing inventory, communicating with blighted property owners, regularly reporting to the city, and testifying on behalf of the community when necessary to instigate change.

Resource Guide

To assist community residents in finding needed resources and programs, Jericho Road publishes a Resource Guide that is distributed to residents annually.

Healthy Living Programming

To provide access to healthy, affordable housing, Jericho Road also acknowledges the role of healthy living as a lifestyle. This means finding ways to bring fresh, farm-to-table produce and goods to the tables of our families, reducing the economic burden of food costs, improving the accessibility to nutritious foods, and tackling the major health problems affiliated with a lack of access to healthy foods. Through collaborations, Jericho Road has developed and maintained a fruit tree orchard and a community garden, offering opportunities for fresh food to be grown and consumed locally. In addition, regular cooking programs have been piloted in an effort to show affordable ways to access and prepare foods.


Jericho Road’s Owner Occupied Rehab (OOR) program is designed to help homeowners maintain their houses or modify them for better accessibility, which allows homeowners to stay in their homes longer and keep the community strong.

If you are in need of small home repairs such as installing a ramp or fixing a rotting porch, please contact to find out if you qualify and to receive an application to participate in the program. This program is subject to available funding.

Bling Your Block Beautification Program

As part of Jericho Road’s commitment to all-encompassing community advocacy and post-purchase homeowner programming, Bling Your Block facilitates and mobilizes community members to tackle blight and make aesthetic improvements that benefit all members of the community. Volunteers and homeowners alike gather to participate in home beautification projects. Efforts like painting porches, landscaping properties, and installing art murals in common areas have had a significant impact on the neighborhoods Jericho Road serves.

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